Sep 01, 2023
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Gig Finance

Gig Finance

4-6 months
United States, Newyork
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Developing the Gig Finance project was met with challenges arising from the complex and ever-changing landscape of the gig economy. Adapting to regulatory shifts and intricate tax laws was crucial to prevent freelancers from missing out on tax credits and benefits. Traditional financial planning's focus on high net worth individuals left freelancers without personalized guidance, while wealth inequality and financial anxiety persisted within the gig economy.


We overcame these difficulties by utilizing technology to provide specialized solutions. Hugo was used to build dynamic landing pages that made it possible to communicate services and advantages clearly. An interactive retirement calculator driven by Vue.js provides real-time, personalized calculations for wise decision-making. By bridging the gap between the specific needs of the gig economy and practical financial solutions, the project aims to simplify financial difficulties and empower independent contractors.


The Gig Finance project, powered by Hugo and Vue.js, transformed freelancer financial planning in the volatile gig economy. Our countdown feature, paired with event reminders, enhanced user engagement, while advanced encryption ensured data security. The introduction of Promoter Pages expanded event options, granting organizers greater visibility. In essence, Gig Finance championed freelancers, providing them essential tools for navigating their unique economic landscape.