Dec 13, 2022
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Our clients contacted us to develop a robust web platform with thoughtful UI design and including third-party services. The website needed to have an opportunity to book apartments in different countries, make payments on the site and have 24/7 online support. Furthermore, the website had to integrate maps with city guides where tenants would see the nearest supermarkets, pharmacies, places for entertainment, and police. Also, they wanted to create a smart lock system that would allow renters to use their smartphones instead of the keys.


We have done a bunch of 3d parties integrations to make a platform and meet all specifications. Thus, we implement the following third-party services: Arthur online, Saltos, Sendbird, Frontapp and others We provided back-end development, where we integrated a smart lock with an in-house hotel system using Saltos. As a rule, smart locks use Bluetooth to interact with smartphones, which operate at short distances, making it both convenient to use at home. Renters can use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks to establish a connection with the smart locks. Having access to the smart lock system, the renters can automatically open the door and have the ability to share virtual keys with other smartphones, and can remotely control the lock from a smartphone via Wi-Fi.


Upon completing the project, the customer received a robust and user-friendly website, which quickly attracted the attention of many young people. Using third-party services has helped boost up the development process and bring the best result for our client. In the first few weeks, the site received more than 5000 unique customers who booked rooms in smart hotels and were satisfied. Currently, our clients, with the website, have increased their profit and brand recognition several times.
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