Jul 26, 2021
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WellsUp Oil and Gas Software

WellsUp Oil and Gas Software

7-12 months
Saudi Arabia
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To successfully complete this project, our team had to resolve a number of challenges. First, we needed to create a simple and user-friendly interface that would allow users to work with large databases containing diverse records. Second, we had to ensure the flawless and stable operation of the system that has two databases: an old SQL database and a new NoSQL database. Third, the client wanted to enable the display of data collected at different locations on centralized dashboards and link the solution to Google maps. Lastly, we had to build a secure video and voice communication channel for the company’s employees working on remote sites.


1. Advanced data-based analysis The solution helps oil and gas companies collect and analyze a large amount of diverse data about well performance. 2. Simplified data management Advanced visualization and intuitive UI allow well managers to easily process and leverage huge volumes of information. 3. Improved well processes With this oilfield service software, companies can identify bottlenecks in core workflows and eliminate them in a timely manner. 4. Secure internal communication The web application allows well workers to quickly and securely contact each other using an embedded voice or video conferencing feature.


When the client sent us a request, its team had a raw idea of the future system but they needed our help with turning it into a complete concept. So our role in this project wasn’t limited just to coding and testing. We also contributed to the product vision, assisted the client’s team in writing software requirements specifications, and built multiple prototypes.