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Mar 23, 2021
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Following are the major challenges that we faced while working on the project: • To create a native Salesforce app that helps users from setting up complex data sets to data migration. • To build an app that connects users with multiple orgs with secured OAuth connection. • To build such setting nodes which are fully controlled by users. • To build a robust back-end service tier, which reads the migration configuration from the Salesforce app on a secure connection, and performs actual data migration between desired orgs.


These are some of the important solutions we have offered: • Easy data migration • User-friendly interface • Strong back-end services • Secured OAuth connection • Rest API support for the deployment. • Track the deployment status in run-time • Connect any Salesforce org with source org • Easy connectivity among multiple organizations • Each of the setting nodes is user-controllable


Our solutions are result-driven, and here are some of the impeccable results we delivered through this solution: • Development of a strong functionally-rich platform. • Solution that automates the entire development lifecycle • Optimize development process for low-code applications • Equipped the solution with activity tracking • 360-degree customer view • Smart integration • Transparent data visibility • Strong reports and dashboard system • Interactive mobile application.