Jan 24, 2023
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Software Development for Healthcare Industry

4-6 months
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Medicomp Solutions was struggling with the old technology and design of its practice management system, Yeats. So, a client reached out to Fibonalabs to transform their practice management system for all the medical stakeholders with in-trend technology. The doctors were using iPad so we also went on creating an interacting application for iPad under HIPAA compliance to increase the ease of operations for them. - Transform the system with the latest technology for fast medical operations - Modernize the design of the existing Clinic system - Provide an easy way for medical staff to get reliable electronic health records on a digital platform


Design At the designing stage, we came up with the wireframes for all the use cases. This stage is collaborative and iterative to bring attractive & user-friendly visual designs of the clinic system for the doctors. Develop Here, our team developed the workable UIs and iterated them according to the needs of the stakeholders. design Development With the Latest Javascript Wireframe Frontend We migrated from ASP.net and Microsoft Silverlight to Angular 6 because Microsoft 2016 stopped supporting Silverlight for the latest browsers. This restrained the doctors and medical staff from updating their browsers, as the application was not compatible with the latest browsers. It led to an increase in security threats.


The transformed system gave medical stakeholders a flawless user interface to view and approve appointments efficiently. The digital healthcare solutions provided by us helped them to onboard more hospitals and increase their presence in North America. Now, they can save medical reports, patient history, and health updates on one platform. With the increase in efficiency and productivity of healthcare staff, the complete reinvention has offered better and easier management of data with an increase in the number of hospitals onboarded.