Apr 05, 2024
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BEYONDO is an iOS mobile application aimed at transforming the sports experience by allowing enthusiasts to capture, stream, and engage with live events. Fifth faced the challenge of developing a platform that seamlessly integrated BEYONDO's features, enabling users to stream and browse sports events while also creating an admin panel to provide valuable insights into user engagement and behavior.


Fifth partnered with BEYONDO in 2018, assembling a team of 10+ professionals to develop the application from the ground up. Through close collaboration, we implemented key features such as organization creation, live streaming, user roles, custom tags, goal event notifications, cloud storage, ad-free access, video stabilization, and highlight creation, ensuring a comprehensive solution for sports enthusiasts. TECHNOLOGIES/SERVICES: Web development, Java/Spring framework, Angular 9, Mobile development, iOS


s BEYONDO's technology partner, Fifth remains dedicated to ongoing enhancement and development. Our collaboration has resulted in an intuitive and feature-rich application, streamlining the process of filming, organizing, collaborating, and sharing team highlights. Together, we've reshaped the live sports event experience, enabling fans to interact with their favorite sports in fresh and engaging ways.