Apr 05, 2024
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Chronicle SOAR (Siemplify)

Chronicle SOAR (Siemplify)

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n 2018, Fifth initiated a long-term collaboration with Siemplify, a leading SOAR provider specializing in security operations for enterprises and MSSPs worldwide. Siemplify was later acquired by Google and now operates under Google Cloud's Chronicle SOAR. Our collaboration kicked off with the development of the SOAR web and mobile platform. As time passed, our team expanded, actively contributing across various departments.


Fifth has been actively engaged in every stage of Chronicle SOAR's development, including research, platform customization, and cybersecurity tool integration. We formed dedicated teams for R&D, Professional Services, TIP Integrations, presale support, and post-sale customer success, ensuring comprehensive assistance throughout the project's lifecycle and continuing our commitment to ongoing support. TECHNOLOGIES/SERVICES: Web development, Angular 8, SCSS, Python


Fifth's commitment to frontend, backend, and mobile development, along with its proficiency in seamless integrations and customizations, has persisted since the establishment of Siemplify and extends through the acquisition by Google. Fifth remains dedicated to providing professional services for Chronicle SOAR, driving ongoing advancements in cybersecurity.