$30 - $49 / hr
10 - 49
United States, Baltimore
Within 2-3 weeks

At Founders Approach, the goal is to help founders bring their ideas to life. They challenge their clients to follow the "lean startup" methodology to build simple and react fast. They understand what it takes to not only build a product, but also collect feedback, iterate the product, and scale the business. The company knows how expensive domestic development can be and understand how hard it is to find quality overseas development. They strive to build quality products at affordable rates. they provide turn key service including design, UI/UX, development, product launch, marketing, and consulting services. Whether someone is looking to build a website, mobile application, or just needs consulting on starting or growing their business, their goal is to work hand in hand with their clients to understand their budget, timeline, and vision for their business.

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United States, Baltimore

Major clients

Orangehat Design
Upswing Poker
Early Charm Ventures

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CMS solutions
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