Aug 11, 2021
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Tieks by Gavrieli

Tieks by Gavrieli

4-6 months
United States
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Web Development
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As the Client began to build their online presence when e-commerce was in its infancy stage, their website was relying on several different platforms. As a result, the Client’s website was unoptimized and overcomplicated. These factors undermined customer journey and the Client wanted to fix the issue by creating a fluid user experience through a single omnipresent solution.


Our team decided to deal with the website’s fragmentation by moving it to the Magento platform to expand the capabilities of customizing the website according to the Client’s goals. In order to enhance user experience, our online store development team simplified the most frequently used elements of the interface while tweaking and adding to the internal algorithms of the website to optimize it.


The Client received an improved website user experience through a simple yet functional UI that is complemented by an updated website structure while increasing its processing speed. As the Client’s customer base continues to grow, the website is able to support it and handle purchases, returns, and exchanges from thousands of users daily.