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Jun 14, 2022
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BMC Export - Website Design, Development, and Marketing

BMC Export - Website Design, Development, and Marketing

2-3 months
New Zealand, Rotorua
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The company wanted a platform where they would be able to trade the SUVs and Trucks they buy by offering them up to their customers at a suitable amount. The website needed to be one where all kinds of users can easily find the vehicle they have been looking for. We had to shuffle through multiple strategies and brainstorm different approaches before we landed on the one which had the capacity to translate the most success.


Futuron Technologies, Inc’s lifelong goal was to make innovation more accessible to the public, encourage its use, and spur its advancement. BMC-Exports was, as we noticed, a company that expected to gather the most audience and transform itself into a market leader in the industry, but at the same time wanted its site to be as humane as possible. They knew from the start that to break into the car market they needed a website that ticks all the boxes when it comes to innovation and usability. Confident in our approach and the skills of our esteemed SEO gurus, we dived head-on and achieved the desirable.


As soon as the website went up, Futuron Technologies, Inc’s work shone a trail of success for BMC-Exports. They gathered increased traffic in a short span of time. Our pride and joy are the solutions we come up with for our esteemed customers. Their satisfaction is all that matters to us.