Jul 12, 2023
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Building a Robust CI/CD Pipeline for Cybersecurity Company

Building a Robust CI/CD Pipeline for Cybersecurity Company

2-3 months
United States, Manhattan, New York
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Cyber iSight, a small startup, developed a basic web application using NodeJS and PostGRESQL, hosted on AWS and managed with GitLab. They needed assistance in creating a robust CI/CD pipeline for seamless code deployment, testing, and database updates. The client sought a vendor who could integrate security tasks into the CI process, conduct dependency checks, and implement monitoring solutions. Basic support for pipeline maintenance was also desired.


Gart was chosen as the vendor to help Cyber iSight build a robust CI/CD pipeline. We took responsibility for supporting the NodeJS application, PostgreSQL database, GitLab SaaS, and Auth0 authentication service. The scope of work included: - implemented automated deployment and created the necessary infrastructure for the CI/CD pipeline. - built a seamless pipeline to enable code updates across different environments, running tests, and performing database updates. They integrated security tasks, such as dependency checks and application scanning, into the pipeline. - assisted in deploying new versions of the software and provided ongoing support to address any questions or issues from the development team. - Infrastructure security - Team collaboration support


Results The collaboration between Gart and Cyber iSight resulted in the successful implementation of a robust CI/CD pipeline. The project reached a significant milestone with discussions and demos conducted with the first customer. The plan was to finalize the deal with the customer by the end of next month (July). Gart’s ideas for secure deployment, such as using Terraform for automated password rotation, were well-received by CyberiSight. Gart provided thorough documentation and clear diagrams, facilitating a smooth understanding of the setup and troubleshooting processes. Gart team actively participated in standup meetings, fostering effective collaboration.