Sep 29, 2023
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AI-Driven Communication Assistant

AI-Driven Communication Assistant

2-3 months
United Kingdom
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1) Migrating the database from one cloud provider to another was a challenging task for our team, and our primary objective was to execute it seamlessly with minimal downtime. 2) The client's infrastructure on Azure was manually configured and lacked code-based descriptions. 3) We had to identify equivalent Amazon services to replace the Azure tools.


Geniusee adhered to a methodical and organized procedure to guarantee the prosperity of the migration services. Spanning from the preliminary discovery phase to the ultimate delivery, Geniusee's approach encompasses comprehensive planning, streamlined project management, solution architecture design, precise migration execution, and stringent quality assurance. This precisely delineated process fosters effortless collaboration, efficient communication, and punctual delivery, guaranteeing a seamless transition from Azure to Amazon Web Services.


1) The project was completed in 160 hours. 2) Through harnessing Amazon's robust infrastructure and high availability features, we enhanced system resilience, thereby minimizing the potential for service interruptions and downtime. 3) Streamlining infrastructure onto a unified platform simplified administration and reduced intricacy, allowing the client to concentrate on their core business operations. 4) The transition to Amazon resulted in improved cost control and optimization. 5) Our team successfully carried out the database migration from Azure to Amazon, minimizing downtime, ensuring uninterrupted data access, and preserving data integrity.