Jan 29, 2024
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7-12 months
United States
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Mobile Development
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1) Implement satellite imagery and GPT technology for real-time tracking and analysis of crop development in fields. 2) Consolidate crucial documents such as contracts, invoices, and licenses in a single, organized repository. 3) Observe and compare competitor pricing and crop yields to remain updated on market supply and demand dynamics using a unified system. 4) Develop a CRM specifically for farmers to enhance communication with distributors, suppliers, and various entities within their network.


Effective management plays a crucial role in monitoring harvests, safeguarding vital data, and maintaining supplier communication. Ricult offers a streamlined solution for these activities, empowering farmers to concentrate on strategically expanding their business. In partnership with Geniusee, their goal is to revolutionize the operations of farmers and related agricultural entities. Ricult's user-friendly web application enables users to track field conditions through dynamic maps, anticipate weather patterns, and understand market trends. Tailored specifically for agricultural requirements, Ricult aids farmers in adopting innovative practices to enhance their overall productivity.


1. A system similar to CRM, enabling farmers and landowners to consolidate their business documents and analytics in a single location. 2. A mobile application, integrated with Google Maps, assists farmers in tracking weather fluctuations and observing the progress of their harvest. 3. The adoption of real-time mapping technology aids farmers and landowners in optimizing resource distribution, selecting crops, and formulating pricing strategies. 4. Efficient collaboration and effective cross-cultural communication were key in the structured progression of this intricate technical project.