Sep 29, 2023
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1) Elevate production environments to enhance both productivity and the customer experience. 2) Establish DevOps services on AWS for the native application infrastructure, configuring the architecture stack to align seamlessly with the existing setup. 3) Ensure alignment of new services with the established fundament. 4) Conduct in-depth and intricate user analysis to deliver a highly engaging user experience. 5) Implement robust security measures and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements for the secure collection and storage of personal and financial information.


We established a proactive collaboration with the client, presenting solutions and enhancements derived from our extensive expertise, market analysis, user research, and competitor insights. Our development process was founded on the Agile methodology, allowing our client to align tasks and priorities with their business requirements. Rather than opting for a major rollout, we adopted an approach of incremental launches, enabling us to adapt more swiftly and flexibly to changes.


1) We've developed a platform powered by AI to predict and prevent exploitation while safeguarding the assets of your loved ones, all while reducing social isolation. 2) Users can post daily caregiving updates, share calendar events and appointments, track tasks, manage medications, and coordinate various aspects of their care routine. 3) The platform has a user-friendly and intuitive design. 4) Our client's system is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. 5) Users can easily upload and share documents on the platform with their designated circle. 6) The platform also enables users to make payments seamlessly through the app.