Jan 24, 2023
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4-6 months
United Kingdom
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1) Build a well-understandable and easy-to-use MedTech app 2) Design an interactive analytical dashboard on health information in a mobile app 3) Deliver the Zebulon project's initial version in four months. 4) Create a MedTech software design that uses native iOS and Android components.


Geniusee created the product from scratch with full-cycle development. Zebulon was a young company without internal tech experts, so the Geniusee team assembled a group of middle and senior specialists with strong technical backgrounds and years of relevant expertise. After the first MVP version was released, the work was challenging and engaging, full of revisions and modifications, and based on end-user reviews and comments.


1) Geniusee team developed a secure data and communication environment with supporting care communities and health teams. 2) Our implementations improve the communication system while safely providing information that otherwise would be impossible to access. As a result, Zebulon users can now begin examining data that was previously unavailable or possibly inaccurate.