Sep 05, 2022
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United States
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Banking & Financial Services


Key challenges in this project included: 1) Build a Digital banking platform and payment network designed for Millennial and Gen Z gamers and esports enthusiasts. 2) Allow parents to track and manage children’s (6-17 y.o) spendings and savings by parents. 3) Safely integrate payments and third-party services and ensure security for sensitive private and financial data.


We started with the discovery phase and design services to develop an MVP that best fits the customers’ needs. Geniusee engaged business analysts and UI/UX designers in this process. After that, the development process began. Our dedicated team developed the mobile application. Quality assurance professionals and DevOps specialists supported the projects at every stage. As we worked with the digital banking application, Geniusee also provided integration with third-party services to make payments and transfer funds between banks. For example, children will have access to the app with the Biometric login.


It helps unite musicians and online streaming platforms via Zytara integration tools. If you are one of Deadmau5 fans, you are now able to attach the merchandise, online store of music artists, concerts, and even discharge in-game purchases. Zytara offers you branded cards that merchants worldwide accept. Clearly realizing the needs of gamers and musicians, being one of them, Zytara opens for users a genuine and friendly interface to interact with the digital world. Like many nowadays services, Zytara concentrates on millennials and generation Z customers to support actors, sports teams, gamers, musicians, and brands from other related branches with managing a complete NFTs lifecycle (creation, marketing and sales, etc.)
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