Jul 27, 2023
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Applications for Remote Patient Monitoring  (NDA)

Applications for Remote Patient Monitoring (NDA)

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Create both Web and Mobile Applications for Remote Patient Monitoring with Multichannel Telehealth. The app should meet HIPAA Compliances while dealing with protected health information (PHI). Adding 2-factor authentication provides enhanced security when logging into the account for the user and the stored data in the admin panel


A Remote Patient Monitoring platform offering turnkey behavioral health and addiction care services for adult, adolescent and pediatric populations at remote urban, rural, and community- based clinics via Telemedicine. The platform aims to enhance patient care, improve outcomes, and reduce hospital readmissions by providing healthcare professionals with real-time data and insights into their patients' health status. The application likely facilitates remote monitoring through the use of wearable devices and other connected health technologies.


Main features Gera-IT has implemented in application: Medication Reminders and Adherence Remote Vital Sign Monitoring Data Analytics and Insights Patient Engagement Scheduling Questionnaires ‍ The platform likely supports communication and collaboration between healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers. This facilitates efficient coordination of care and enables timely interventions when necessary. Communication could be arranged via messages or video calls.