Oct 03, 2023
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Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

2-3 months
United States
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"Wine Cellar" is a unique Android application for a private wine cellar. It both automates and simplifies the work of a sommelier, by collecting and storing information about a wine collection. It was created for the existing private wine cellar, where more than 20,000 bottles of wine are stored, and their record is kept.


It controls the arrival and consumption of wine. It shows the location map of any bottle of wine in the cellar. The use of NFC tags allows quick access to information. It keeps wine writing off the record for a certain event. The application was developed for the Android Table tablet device. This is a non-standard device with a very large screen. It also supports a range of 9 to 20-inch devices. It provides detailed information about the wine in the cellar i.e. name, type, container, grade, grape type, country of origin, suitable events, quantity and availability, and the nearest date of write-off. Each scenario is specifically worked out. For example, when a sommelier enters a box of wine, the application "unpacks" the box and enters the required number of bottles.


The application automatically reminds you when to purchase or write off wine. The application is able to indicate specific locations of shelves within the cellar, as well as specific places of cells in which the wine is stored. The sommelier fills in the wine card within the application, giving details such as location and quantity. Additional information about the arrival of wine is also input manually and displayed in a convenient table. A special NFC tag is attached at the bottom of each bottle. A unique number is then assigned to each bottle. One can locate a bottle close to the tablet at any time, and the screen will display full information about it. This makes the selection process faster and more convenient.