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Glance Creative is a mobile app development agency based in London, UK. They have a strong heritage in enterprise-level app development which enables them to offer clients a variety of services. When working on iOS app development (as well as Android), they focus on creating successful products - not just successful projects - by looking beyond beautiful design and the latest technology, and instead, creating apps that have genuine meaning. Glance has built iOS apps that have hit Top 10 in the Apple App Store.

Their process is geared around truly understanding their client’s users - their needs, feelings and emotions - and helping them build the best possible product tailored specifically to them. They tend to go beyond basic scoping and user analysis by delving deep into the psychology of people, their behaviours, their feelings and how a client’s product will fit into their lives in the most seamless and harmonious way possible. With an efficient strategy and process system in place, Glance is able to achieve their end goals within a sufficient timeframe.

Although Glance's speciality is mobile apps, they are also not afraid to venture outside of their comfort zones and offer users a more dynamic user experience, which includes also working on: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearable Technology, Tablet Apps

Glance's core business revolves around collaborating with people that not only wants to create an app for profit or financial gains but in fact, wants to create an app that will make a genuine impact on the intended user’s life. They operate on the basis that every product they create and deliver is a successful product, regardless of how large or small the client.

Glance's Mission Statements:
“We’re an app development agency in London that turns your customers into fans.”

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United Kingdom, London

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The Sun
The Times
Ministry of Defence
Universal Music Group
CMC Markets

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