Global Enterprise Mobility
Aug 10, 2023
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Infrastructure and database reconstruction for a sports technology company

4-6 months
United States
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During the project, the GEM team had to resolve two big challenges. Firstly, the client’s previous infrastructure could not handle a large and growing amount of traffic. As a result, traffic spikes when more users are accessing, and the website’s events increase dramatically by 2-3 times (over 1 million events), causing the server to crash. Secondly, the client’s current system uses a database unfamiliar to GEM’s developers, with very limited research and training materials.


To resolve the first problem, the GEM team reconstructed the infrastructure on the AWS platform. Based on the auto-scale mechanism, the infrastructure was expanded to a larger space with a higher capacity for downloading. More importantly, we ensure scale automation works effectively within the client’s budget. Regarding the second difficulty, it took more time and effort for the team to explore a brand-new database. After researching materials, we implemented and ran the demo until the outcomes were ready for the client.


We built an infrastructure sufficient for operating the system smoothly. Hence, the server will not crash when onboarding a new website. Besides, their database was upgraded to a larger space and higher capacity, which enables the collection and storage of millions of events. The project was successfully delivered and afterward, GEM continues to offer support in terms of maintenance and optimization.
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