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Jul 07, 2021
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Salesbox CRM

4-6 months
Sweden, Stockholm
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Custom Software Development
Mobile Development
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Business Services
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Business Software
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CMS solutions


Providing salespeople an effective, organized tool that can track every stage of the process Cloud-based application be accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile, supporting multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Website Calendars, email, contact lists, and task management were expected to be easily integrated with the application.


GEM had worked with the company to design the optimized cloud architecture and given valuable recommendations to improve system design and operability. The project employed Microservices architecture with API Gateway and Service Discovery which had lightweight protocols and made it easy for small organizations like Salesbox to manage and update. Such design also enabled scalability and flexibility to adapt to changes upon business requirements. The application was deployed to Google Cloud Platform at the beginning then migrated to Amazon Web Services. It was made available on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Desktop app and accessible on all devices that the company expected.


With GEM’s assistance, Salesbox CRM was successfully launched. It was an automated and personalized platform that made the sales process effortlessly organized and focused. The application runs smoothly thanks to well-developed software ensuring 99.9% uptime and minimal to no disruption during new updates. Up till today, Salesbox is welcoming more users to adopt the solution and grow their business.
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