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Dec 07, 2023
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Exponential Health - BodyO

Exponential Health - BodyO

7-12 months
United States
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Software Development
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The client needed a scalable, fast, and secure web application to deal with complex calculations and large volumes of data that needed to be processed in a short time span. One of the key challenges was reaching maximum levels of accuracy when launching calculations in a multithreaded environment. Another issue was smooth integration with external databases.


Our team has created an environment that accurately calculates optimal prices based on the data sets uploaded to the system, and serves as a reliable data source to brokers. Glorium also ensured seamless integration with Medi-Span and NADAC databases and implemented SFTP protocols for the given databases.


Though the web application is still in the development stage, the client already has a workable multi-threaded environment where fully functional applications can be tested. The solution is currently capable of running large datasets and producing accurate results in the given timeframes. The Exponential Health application also helps organizations choose between available PBM proposals by comparing them against existing contracts and their renewal costs.