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Dec 07, 2023
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The core challenge faced by GetPlume was supporting diverse white-label solutions and establishing automated workflows among them, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly experience for the care team and the patients. This complexity was further compounded by the need for precise billing systems and comprehensive data analytics to drive informed decision-making. With Softhread, all paper bureaucracy is eliminated with several clicks.


The Glorium team is represented by the following roles: - Product Management – responsible for the Billing projects and enabling sound accounting practices through the development of Plume DTC billing system. Also, this team is responsible for the Patient Portal configurations. - QA Team – supports Plume engineering teams by ensuring the quality of developed automations


Informed decision-making. The facilitated data-driven decisions, aligning operations closely with organizational goals. Operational efficiency. Seamless integration and automation reduced manual intervention, significantly speeding up clinical workflows. Enhanced user experience. The streamlined processes enhanced patient engagement and satisfaction.