Glorium Technologies
Dec 07, 2023
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7-12 months
United States
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Software Development
Domain focus


Glorium Technologies had to create a user-friendly and customizable automatic billing platform from scratch. The tricky part was to include the three kinds of payers into the system, as the client’s business implies collecting and processing separate payments from customers, insurance companies, and patients.


Glorium Technologies has developed an easy-to-use platform. To manage the billing lifecycle from payer to patient, we integrated the secure payment systems and implemented invoice-issuing features. The software system includes patients, payers, insurance, and providers into one cohesive system. Intelligent automation allowed us to decrease the time of payment, increase collection and reduce administrative setbacks.


We built a complete all-in-one solution for HME/DME providers and patients. Being over three years in production, we help client’s business go paperless, improve operational efficiencies, and provide better patient care. Glorium Technologies keeps growing the application, providing tech support and updates. The company’s top management, who first controlled our collaboration process hands-on, eventually had to move away from it. The reason? They are too busy closing new deals and delivering to more and more clients now. And though we are sad we don’t see them this much now, this splendid result speaks for itself.