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Dec 07, 2023
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Glorium Technologies developed a patient-centric platform that helps users (doctors) get instant access to the most critical information of all patients. That helps clinicians quickly receive information about the willingness of patients to be intubated, resuscitated, or become donors — via the QR Code. Whenever information is entered, the system will trace all changes: who entered this information and when. Once the critical information is filled in, the patient (or Proxy) can share the access with doctors based on the different permission sets: view only, edit, or share information with other doctors. With Softhread, all paper bureaucracy is eliminated with several clicks.


Glorium Technologies team created a platform that enables patients or their representatives, and doctors to cooperate during hard times (operations, emergencies, etc.). All the crucial decisions (intubation, resuscitation, organ donation) could be signaled in several clicks; all repeated fields will be duplicated. Once this information is entered, the patient, or representative, can invite doctors with permission to view only, edit, or share information with other doctors. At the same time, doctors can reach all critical information using just a QR Code.


The platform was developed. The solution allows the following: once critical information is filled in by the patient (representative), and the doctor is invited, he/she gets notified of all crucial changes via email or SMS. The QR code doctors receive is enough to access all critical information.