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Dec 07, 2023
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Teledentistry Solution

Teledentistry Solution

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The client developed a specialized intraoral dentist web camera that enables remote teeth diagnostics. However, they faced a challenge finding a modern software solution to enhance their product offering. They required a multifunctional platform that would enable patients to schedule appointments with their dentists conveniently, conduct online meetings for remote diagnostics, securely store video recordings and medical records on servers, create doctors’ accounts, and provide them with the possibility to exchange data safely. The existing third-party solution they relied on was neither cost-effective nor scalable, hindering their growth potential.


Glorium Technologies developed a robust platform that offered the flexibility to schedule appointments through their own interface or seamlessly integrate with third-party providers. Additionally, Glorium Technologies leveraged its expertise in telehealth technology to enable web conferences with the capacity to invite up to 2,000 participants. The company’s focus on creating a fully HIPAA-compliant platform without scaling restrictions ensured the highest standards of data privacy and accommodated the growing needs of healthcare professionals.


Upon receiving the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the client proceeded with final edits and implementation in collaboration with their internal team. As of now, all forms of communication, ranging from messaging and photo sharing to clinical files, images, audio and video recordings, live videos, and care documents like visual treatment plans, can be conveniently accessed within a unified and searchable communication thread.