Jun 03, 2021
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You By Sia

You By Sia

4-6 months
United States, Bellevue
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Advertising & Marketing


Older irrelevant website that did not convey the brand’s current message Unoptimized customers marketing and email marketing campaigns Unorganized digital marketing and social media marketing that leads to poor engagement and impact Missing content marketing strategy and execution leading to missed organic growth opportunity Under-utilized Shopify eCommerce store for product sales


Adopted Growth Pod™ Methodology to increase sales, extend brand awareness, and increase customer lifetime value Redesigned website that reflected the true brand positioning and was optimized for buyer centric keywords traffic Established a well-defined email marketing strategy to increase online sales and drive high quality repeat traffic to the website Revamped digital marketing and social media strategy to increase engagement and brand following Redeployed the Shopify store with focus on eCommerce best practices and conversion optimization


After optimizing the email marketing campaigns, You By Sia experienced a transformation in the quality of traffic and was able to nurture its customers through the sales funnel. With an effective social media marketing strategy, You By Sia was able to extend brand presence and engagement.