Aug 23, 2022
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2-3 months
United States, Scranton
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Highly Meditated reached out to us to rebuild their iOS and Android apps entirely from scratch. They had great ideas, but needed a team to help them get through to the finish line. Beditations is no ordinary meditation app; its focus on meditations to fall asleep and wake up, make it stand out from the rest. While this is a great differentiating factor, it also generates the challenge of presenting users with a set of features they are not familiar with. To overcome this, we needed to rethink how users would interact with the app to achieve a really great UX.


We worked with the Highly Meditated team rethinking the UX/UI of the app from the ground up, and with a focus on understanding the users' journey while using it. Our first big milestone was the successful launch of the new iOS version. The new version was a huge step in the right direction, but it was just the beginning. After finishing with iOS we released the Android version. Since then, we have worked together on improving the app based on communications and insights from the lively Beditations community. Beditations has been featured on the App Store several times and its user-base keeps growing every day.


Has been heavily featured on the app store several times.
Has been heavily featured on the app store several times.