Mar 28, 2024
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Smart Home

Smart Home

2-3 months
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The Keyport Omni Fob an external Keyport-compatible BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) module that provides access to a range of IoT functions. Using the Keyport app for communicating with Keyport devices and controlling many smart devices via the app. Using your phone as a hub includes multiple third-party smart devices. The app continues working even with user force-quit apps.


Building a prudish structure of the database. Features Smart Home enables easy control of various home functions through Scenes and Routines, such as lighting, garage, alarm, and door, all at once. Quick Control streamlines smart actions, saving time and effort by eliminating the need to navigate through multiple steps on your phone. Achieve the desired action swiftly with just a few simple steps.


Keyport has participated successfully in the Kickstarter campaign. Keyport has enthusiastic customers in over 60 countries. Many hard technical issues have been used. Working well with Mobokey, SmartThings, and Nexx Garage devices. Working well with Yonomi platform. The app holds to connect with the OmniFob device as possible as even the user force-quit app. With the OmniFob, users have complete control over their home. They can turn on the lights, open the garage, disarm the alarm, unlock the front door, or do all of these tasks at once.