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Romania, Bucuresti
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With a team of people with experience in development and implementation of software solutions and delivery of hardware infrastructure, solutions offered by HTSS is based both on applications like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WMS (Warehouse Management System), BI (Business Intelligence) and a suite of own applications developed for different fields and integrated under its own brand DataKlas. Performance is the defining element of our activity, assuring the quality and the many functionality of the product. DataKlas solutions are designed as a basic tool for execution and developing your business. The company knows that each company has different procedures and work systems, that’s why DataKlas products offers you the freedom of creating your own solution package, appropriate for your business management. Company's priority is reaching client’s goals, reducing costs and continuously improving the quality of delivered services. The specialists are always one step ahead, adapting to market trends quickly. The company uses the latest technologies in the field and they offer permanently assistance to their clients to understand and properly use their solutions and services.

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Romania, Bucuresti

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Amethyst Radiotherapy
Solacium Pharma
First Bank
Giorgio Armani

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CMS solutions
Category distribution and progress