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Jun 27, 2022
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Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus

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Delayed and Impaired Observability The amount of data generated and captured by streaming platforms like Discovery+ is mind-boggling. Metrics are generated every 2 seconds for every user resulting in around 5 000 – 10 000 recalls from metrics devices, allowing us to view things like the rebuffer rate for a region at a point in time. Given that the availability of data was clearly not a problem, we decided to explore how we could convert that data into a valuable asset that supports the business and improves the experience for the user.


Evolving from API to Real-Time Monitoring Having established that the goal would be to ensure Discovery+ collects the correct data in the valid format at the proper time, we got the go-ahead to find a solution. Discovery+ is an AWS organisation with additional third-party tools to assist with various functions. Based on our analysis and in-depth investigation, we selected the following tools: AWS: Kinesis streams, Kinesis Delivery streams, Lambda, DyanmoDB Datadog: (used for visualisation and monitoring of data) By collaborating closely with third-party provider MUX, we moved away from the previous method of gathering data via API and implemented a new solution that pushes the data into Amazon Kinesis streams for real-time monitoring.


More Advanced and Realistic monitoring By having the significant components of the systems written in an automated way using CloudFormation and serverless tools, the process, which usually takes several days to complete, was cut down to a single day, allowing us to add additional environments for monitoring quickly. Speeding up this process enables us to get new products and features to the market faster, which is a win for the user, the business and the developers. Key Results: • Ranked 1st on the top new free Android list on Play Store • 99.9% cash-free users • 10000+ Devices - Compatible with tens of thousands of devices • 1.3 Billion hours of uninterrupted streaming during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics • Real-time monitoring and Observability reduced from 5 mins to 5 Seconds