Dec 19, 2022
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2-3 months
United States
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Web Development
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Getting the patient's details and suggested them accurate solutions was challenging. As this healthcare website’s functionality is related to one’s health, we had to focus more on development. The major challenges we faced while developing this healthcare website were integrating functionalities like monitoring patients' vital signs and health conditions, maintaining a patient information database, in-built map integration to find doctors and hospitals near them, payment gateway integration, and others. Apart from that, we also had to develop the website by keeping security features in mind to prevent patients' data from getting hacked or misplaced due to unsteady storage infrastructure.


We define various features of the healthcare web app for a seamless user experience. We incorporated features like creating and managing user experience, user-friendly navigation, intuitive search, online video consultation, payment gateway integration, analytics integration, and others. Besides that, we have also added a chatbot and facilitated website visitors to solve their queries within minutes. Moreover, a user can also track nearby hospitals by enabling their geolocation. They can book appointments and can check the doctor’s availability on the website. In tools and technologies, we have used Laravel, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Vue.js, and others. The website developed was platform-independent and tested well on different devices.


Being the first aggregator of means of payment dedicated to the African continent, HTMLPanda was given the opportunity to work on this enticing project. Thus, HTMLPanda's team of experts developed this peculiar website using HTML5, CSS3, and PHP and leveraging the newest technologies available. Telefonia is a website created with the only purpose of giving people a great vision of their health. The client came to us with this vision and we at HTMLPanda devoted our time.