Jun 23, 2022
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7-12 months
United States
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Developing a mobile application to help instruct CrossFit trainees as well as people that are just getting started. Our client owned a few gyms and wanted to help the CrossFit community grow by connecting all the cross-fitters around the world. He was involved in several events and local competitions. The project was handled from the initial concept to launch as well as several iterations of new functionalities.


There is a complex system of web applications, integrations, and most importantly, people sustaining the CrossLife iOS and Android app. We’ve created a carefully balanced software ecosystem that allows the application to offer a full range of features to its users. We seized every opportunity to continuously develop new features and maintain the system working properly.


CrossLife is a niched social media app that offers social interaction between athletes and Gym owners, allowing both sides to post content and announcements, a friend and follow system that allows people to find workout buddies and chat with them, CrossFit exercises and videos that allow users to correct their training, training plans and options to personalize training, training helper with timers and audio warnings to help athletes during their workout, award and leaderboard system (global and city/gym levels), analytics and usage reports.