Jun 23, 2022
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2-3 months
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Developing a mobile app for a French online dating service that needed to launch its digital product on the market in the shortest time frame possible. The client required a mobile application that will allow users to easily find and schedule a date. The application required complex UI animations custom-built for the mobile app. Our challenge was to build a great product in less than 4 months.


We developed a native mobile app and a Node.js backend, creating an iOS application with API and Admin Dashboard, and an Android version developed separately as a PoC that wasn't launched. DayDate was built as a native iOS app. Behind the scenes, the app is serviced by a robust cloud-based Node.js/Loopback API. The front-end was developed using Angular, which allows for complex, eye-catching animations that enrich the user experience.


DayDate offers social media integration with Instagram and Facebook, location-based services that allow users to find potential dates nearby, browsing through the social network to choose whom to invite. a date planner that helps users keep track of their date schedule, yelp integration to find available restaurants, a chat system that allows date matches to communicate before and after a date, analytics and usage reports, as well as monetization through in-app purchases. We tailored the design of the app so it would look flawless in both English and French.