Jun 02, 2022
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Netherlands, Zwolle
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The business challenges faced by Tinka are constantly discovering, developing and implementing new ways to offer real financial support to its clients at the right time & place with a reliable digital product, while keeping them content and removing the money issue’s weight off their shoulders. People can now worry less and live more while having a trustworthy financial partner who opens all the doors. Tinka came to HyperSense in a time of ascension, while having a functional website with backend and everything set right, but wanting to build a cross platform mobile app. We built it from scratch by using the Flutter framework which was a bit challenging for us since we first came up with the idea of building a native app.


An outstanding mobile financial experience through a premium app specially designed & developed to meet: ➔ business requirements ➔ customer needs. The user benefits from a flexible refund by deciding how much he wants to repay, clear conditions from the beginning as the transparency plays an important role before committing to anything, and a responsible credit where the customer’s financial situation gets verified to meet his application’s expectation. For this purpose Tinka partnered with HyperSense Software to become the fintech app that’s always on top of mind for its happy customers whenever particular difficulties of life intertwine.


Tinka manages more than 90 million transactions per year, has 2 million active customers who use their fintech solution through the mobile app developed by us, and has a 8.8 average customer satisfaction score. The Market Cap (intraday) at this moment is 73.26M, while the enterprise value is at 70.56M. As the business continues to grow everyday in the number of active customers and in the amounts of money loaned to them, Tinka’s future looks bright.
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