Sep 29, 2023
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Improving Healthcare Operations: EMR for Patient and Staff Activity Tracking

Improving Healthcare Operations: EMR for Patient and Staff Activity Tracking

7-12 months
United States
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The main challenge we faced was developing a system that seamlessly combined efficiency, user-friendliness, and accessibility, especially given our target end-users limited to no formal education and, in many cases, a lack of English proficiency. Our primary goal was to keep the system as simple and intuitive as possible, allowing these users to easily locate patients and enter vital medical data. Simultaneously, we needed to include robust data analytics and charting functionality, allowing our clients to assess the effectiveness of their efforts in depth.


We understood the client's goals and operational complexities, designed a data model, and regularly validated it with their team. Our next project involved developing a sophisticated Electronic Medical Record System (EMRS). This system was designed to house, categorize, and meticulously manage the extensive records of tuberculosis patients and healthcare workers. We stored vital medication information for patients and could generate reports on demand. We prioritized cross-compatibility and a user-friendly interface.


The Electronic Medical Records System (EMRS) was successfully launched and received positive feedback from both the client and the end-users. This strong system was instrumental in increasing the client’s operational efficiency, precision, and clarity in managing tuberculosis cases. Furthermore, it enabled them to meticulously monitor and assess patients’ post-medication progress, assess employee performance metrics, and scrutinize overall organizational outcomes. The client was extremely pleased with our solution and formally recognized us as their ideal software development partner.