Sep 06, 2023
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AURA: building a mobile app with React Native for a medtech startup from London

AURA: building a mobile app with React Native for a medtech startup from London

2-3 months
United Kingdom
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React Native
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The Client came to us with a unique challenge: to create an app for hospital patients that would allow them to scan the results of their self-performed blood pressure test and sending them to the hospital instead of doing the test onsite with medical staff. There was only an idea on the table, so execution required making everything from scratch, including full design and the entire development. The application had to be designed to enable trouble-free use by regular users, as well as elderly patients or patients with various conditions. It had to be as simple as possible in terms of usability, with a carefully polished UX to reduce the risk of people not using it daily.


Here are some other UX/UI solutions we implemented: Provided users with clear directions and tips on what they can or should do within the app Implemented large Touch Targets for buttons and considered that all the interactive elements should be within reach of the thumb (a "rule of thumb" ;) ) Created a style guide for colors by studying the contrasts between colors and taking various color vision disorders into account Designing the app for white space: avoiding crowding the screen with information Designing a structured type hierarchy, where the Dynamic Text Size was included in tests. We used native iOS and Android fonts and Text Size to help determine contrast (bold and semibold). We completely gave up on sound signals or vibrations as a way of interacting with users.


We created a highly intuitive mobile application suitable for elderly people to perform self-diagnosis. The app flow was 100 percent adapted to their needs - we used enlarged icons and a scaled font without damaging the flow of the application's appearance. As a result, scanning and saving results is very easy and quick for the users, as well as sending the diagnostic data straight to the doctors. Patients can use the app at home, without any additional stress or need to go to the hospital. It saves their time as well, as makes the work of medical staff far easier. Nurses and diagnosticians can just collect the data from the tests without needing to perform the tests themselves onsite.