Sep 07, 2023
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Microamp Solutions: Speedlight design and development for cutting-edge 5G RF platforms

Microamp Solutions: Speedlight design and development for cutting-edge 5G RF platforms

7-12 months
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The bulk of Microamp’s work is focused on designing components essential to the development of 5G technologies. However, the licensed software that facilitates this process is quite expensive (from $100,000-$150,000 monthly). As the client did not have the IT skills to handle this requirement in-house, they came to us. Building a functional solution that would satisfy the needs of such a target group would require a high level of expertise in the IT and electronics field. Also, the client needed this software within the shortest possible time frame under a strict budget. Ideamotive faced these challenges head-on.


First, we set up a team with a full stack developer, a front-end developer and a UX/UI designer. Due to the nature of this project, finding an industry expert was paramount. Our team developed the platform using two popular frameworks—Node.js for the back-end and React for the front-end. We chose these frameworks because they are community-proven and have many ready-to-use components, which shortened the development process. Node.js, particularly, is ideal for IoT. For one, JS supports cross-platform development, allowing the use of connected devices. As an event-driven technology, it also enables IoT sensors and hardware components to respond to data faster, without straining memory resources


With our help, the client was able to save over $100k/monthly as there’s no need for expensive licenses. Also, unlike the pricey commercial alternative, this custom software has the core functions our client's operations require. Every element down to the user interface matches the company's design methods. With this, the client may now develop internal products at an even lower cost, given the increased speed of developers who are paid hourly. What's more, Microamp can scale and adapt the software to reflect the company's growth at any stage. In the beginning, Microamp needed one platform. But the success of the first project formed the basis of a long-term collaboration.