Sep 08, 2023
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Veriori: Marrying HubSpot development with UX design fixes

Veriori: Marrying HubSpot development with UX design fixes

4-6 months
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Veriori came to us with a website programmed in HubSpot. The external UX designers created the whole website from scratch, but they messed up the mobile version, so some of the graphic assets required cutting. Thus the first challenge was improving the mobile responsivity. Veriori needed HubSpot developers who would do it efficiently, according to the best possible principles, covering such areas as marketing automation. And that was yet another challenge: to build two full-fledged sites for them on HubSpot. Veriori’s team needed an extended workshop on how to work on predefined modules so that the non-technical teams could work independently and, e.g., create new subpages. The complexity of the challenge was therefore not only to finish the project but also to guide the client.


We took over the project made in Figma, alongside its style guide elements, and our senior developer was passing questions regarding breakpoints and scaling directly to the UX company. Veriori exhibited for the first time with a new branding, new logo, new footers, and more. All in all, we coded 2 HubSpot-based websites for Veriori at once: their main one designed to protect against counterfeiting, and Verified Shop, created for e-commerce certification - giving products’ a seal of authenticity and thereby contributing to winning the customers’ loyalty.


Now Veriori enjoys its powerful website that is up and running in 5 languages, with the redesigned main menu, adjusted dropdown menus, and combined subpages. We also initiated a new stage of our cooperation, as Veriori is interested in submerging deeper into the subject of marketing automation and other CMS and CRM features and exploring unlimited possibilities of HubSpot. New traffic waves hit the website, the company has undergone a complete rebranding, and the site has a professional vibe and new sales functions, so the performance has skyrocketed. Moreover, the website designed on HubSpot gives excellent opportunities as the whole business can be branched into different directions.