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Aug 17, 2023
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Modern Cloud Native Solution of Call Distribution for Telecommunications Service Provider

Modern Cloud Native Solution of Call Distribution for Telecommunications Service Provider

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Our client is a telecommunications service provider to industries such as hospitality and retail. They were facing long turnaround times to roll out technology application changes such as in routing of calls for customer service and new business bookings. This was leading to customer experience issues not only for their own customers, but also for the customers of their clients. In addition, the business rules were manually coded, which made it difficult to quickly make necessary changes. These delays led to longer and costly customer onboarding.


To overcome these challenges, Ignitho worked with the client to implement a modern cloud native solution. We introduced well documented application security, DevOps, and cloud deployment practices to make the application performant, scalable, and secure. The serverless low-code solution was built using Vue.js, MongoDB, and AWS Amplify. This architecture also became the modern reference architecture for the client for future development and enhancements. We were able to minimize data silos and costly reconciliations. Ignitho also introduced the concept of configurable business rules so that use cases such as call distribution and routing across different call centers were easy to implement and edit depending on various parameters such as brand, location, service type etc.


The new solution has reduced the change management time from several days to just a few minutes, which has significantly improved the company's efficiency. The analytical capabilities on call distribution have enabled better capacity management The company also enjoys improved customer experience by reducing change handling time and streamlining onboarding.