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Jul 26, 2023
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Replace paper-based processes with a Secure SaaS Solution for Health Tech Client

Replace paper-based processes with a Secure SaaS Solution for Health Tech Client

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Our health tech client provides eLearning and mentoring services to enterprises to improve overall employee well-being. The company was facing several business challenges, including paper-based legacy processes, which led to higher costs, longer turnaround times, and issues with customer experience due to the low self-service ability. The paper-based processes also made it difficult to scale and manage the company’s operations.


To tackle challenges, Ignitho created a secure multi-tenanted SaaS solution, replacing paper-based processes. Analyzing workflows, personas, and tech architecture led to a user-friendly application with robust non-functional requirements. A workflow model ensured efficient assignment and closure tracking. Business intelligence tools and data aggregation from multiple sources were streamlined for data quality. The cloud-based application followed top-tier security practices with a CI/CD pipeline for rapid updates. Managed services were made accessible to clients with ease.


The new solution brought significant benefits to the company. Using the system, the company was able to onboard 50% more new clients in the first year. Streamlined processes led to a much better customer experience The automation led to 30% lower turnaround times and more self-service capabilities.