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Feb 22, 2023
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Business Challenge Radiant Currently has 4000 field employees. And it was becoming a massive problem for them to manage and track everything for them. They were handling everything on an analog system before we introduced the idea of field force automation to them. They were also facing difficulties in accessing and reaching sales staff at the point of sale, difficulties in monitoring brand awareness and assessing market competition, business losses due to insufficient delivery, communication gaps, and missing records, a lack of standardization in sales, discounts, and planning data, and a waste of time on backstage and reporting activities.


After completing the RnD, we came to the resolution that Radiant needed a Field Force Automation Software that would be strong enough to manage all 4000 Medical Sales Reps while giving complete control to the CHQ Sales team. We provided them with Mobile Application that enabled Direct Sales and Orders & Delivery Workflow. Their Web App gave them access to the Field Force Monitoring and Performance Dashboards.


After getting the project live, they were able to 10X their sales by reducing operations time. The application always provided flawless data, which reduced the time to make critical decisions. They were always able to make data-backed decisions fast. Radiant now uses just one simple central dashboard to manage all the Medical Sales Reps, while others use multiple apps for different aspects of their business. The sales automation app allowed them to create a comprehensive sales infrastructure, including order tracking, automated invoicing, and timely delivery to customers.