Jul 31, 2023
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Industrial IoT Solution  for Rotating Machinery

Industrial IoT Solution for Rotating Machinery

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Develop algorithms for analyzing vibration signals against standard levels Use machine learning and big data analysis for predicting mechanism issues Design timesaving and efficient user experience Design, test, and implement secure and durable software-hardware infrastructure for industry facilities Set up direct alarms in case of any unpredictable issues, such as extraneous objects, interrupting routine


Serviceable components — Triaxial water and dust proof accelerometers (IDAx-132) for collecting structured data via programmable microcontrollers, 8-port hub for preliminary sorting and analysis, connected via fireproof wires. Simple on-site setup — Hardware components designed for easy installation of various types of machinery with quick & simple software connection. Live data analysis — System gathers and processes vibration data from all connected sensors, compares it against equipment standards.


The iReDS is a part of ViDiSy (Vibration Diagnostics Systems) end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things solution for complex monitoring and analyzing the rotating mechanisms. The system remotely monitors machinery to prevent downtime and determine cause and location of the faults. Gearing industry with actionable data, it is simple, easy to install, configure, and use hardware-software tool.