May 14, 2023
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Blutor Pitch Deck

Blutor Pitch Deck

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India, Mumbai
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Blutor had an innovative idea for their community-based influencer marketing platform, but they encountered a hurdle. They lacked the necessary expertise and in-house resources to transform their vision into a persuasive pitch deck. Despite possessing a groundbreaking concept, they struggled to articulate a narrative that accurately reflected their distinct value proposition and to design slides that could engage their audience. Blutor presented us with a definitive challenge, to craft a pitch deck from the ground up that would truly represent their vision and facilitate the funding they required to expand their business.


We were thrilled to take on Blutor's challenge and use our experience in creating pitch decks to help bring their innovative community-based influencer marketing platform to life. Our approach was comprehensive, starting with setting up the narrative structure and gathering essential information through questionnaires. We then crafted a compelling story and added an innovative design to create a pitch deck that would captivate and persuade any investor. We were committed to delivering a high-quality pitch deck that would showcase Blutor's unique value proposition and help them secure the funding they needed to grow.


Finding a balance between two contrasting design styles, such as minimalism and boldness, can be challenging yet rewarding. In creating the pitch deck for Blutor, we adopted a design style that blends elements of both minimalism and boldness. This design approach enabled us to highlight critical information and achieve a polished, engaging look. It was particularly fitting for Blutor to showcase its innovative and forward-thinking approach while still projecting a professional and sophisticated image.