May 15, 2023
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Ici & Demain Corporate Presentation

Ici & Demain Corporate Presentation

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France, Paris
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When Ici & Demain reached out to us, they already had a well-defined brand identity and established guidelines. However, they realized that they needed external assistance to create top-notch presentations that truly conveyed their message to clients effectively. Crafting consulting presentations requires a distinct skill set that not all creative and presentation design agencies possess. Ici & Demain faced challenges in finding an agency with the specialized expertise required to deliver exceptional consulting presentations tailored to their needs.


We provided Ici & Demain with the assurance that our designers undergo intensive training specifically focused on creating consulting presentations before they delve into other creative design styles. This rigorous training equips them with the necessary skills to adhere to strict brand and presentation design guidelines. Ever since, we have been dedicated to developing all of Ici & Demain's presentations, harnessing our team's extensive expertise in the realm of consulting presentations.


When working with Ici & Demain, we carefully selected the Nordic style of presentation design, which we believe perfectly complements the sophistication of the consulting industry. The Nordic style's minimalistic and functional approach harmonizes with the industry's professional and data-driven nature. By embracing simplicity and clarity, this design style effectively conveys complex ideas and information, enabling the audience to concentrate on the message without any distractions.