May 14, 2023
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TDDO Investor pitch deck

TDDO Investor pitch deck

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TDDO, a social startup aimed at eradicating youth radicalization and providing temporary employment opportunities for underprivileged African youth, required a persuasive pitch deck to approach potential donors. Despite having a noble cause, TDDO faced the challenge of effectively communicating their message and presenting a compelling narrative. While collaborating with TDDO, our primary challenge was to make a strong case for the startup's financial sustainability while also incorporating emotional storytelling into the pitch deck.


successfully deliver this pitch deck project. Through this case study, we showcase our approach in balancing the deck's financial case and emotional storytelling aspects, which were critical for TDDO's mission. Our tried and tested process begins with a thorough questionnaire to gather relevant information about the pitch deck's target audience, goals, and design. We followed this process with TDDO to gain a clear understanding of their needs and requirements. This pitch deck case study elaborates on how we collaborated with TDDO to craft and present a fundraising deck that highlights their self-sustainability and impactful storytelling to draw attention to the problems they aim to address.


At Ink Narrates, we collaborated with the Founder of TDDO, Mr. Kigongo Ali, to identify and prioritize five major problems that the organization aimed to address. To visually communicate the gravity of these issues, TDDO provided us with regional images that we incorporated into the deck. Considering the heavy subject matter, we opted for a minimal design approach to ensure that the audience could consume the information easily. To achieve this, we strategically used white space in the slides to provide the audience's eyes with a resting space. Our aim was to make the presentation easily comprehensible and impactful, without overwhelming the audience with information.