Oct 22, 2021
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Jet Lister

Jet Lister

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Every marketplace, such as Amazon, Walmart, Pricefalls, and eBay, has its own system for uploading/posting products. Initially, our client had an idea for creating an option that would support more efficient posting in Jet, as it seemed to be quite complicated at that time and had various cons in terms of functionality.


One of the important things that we created was a function in regard to UPC analysis, as while the product was being posted, the availability of the existing UPC for this item was checked in parallel. If this UPC was detected, the program made sure to connect the old and new UPCs together, so that there would be no separate products, but one single product (with connected UPCs).


Over the course of a few years, we’ve come from a modest initial project with a handful of functions required to a full program that allows various options, starting with posting products in different marketplaces, editing and creating templates to analyzing and changing pricing, checking UPCs, mapping categories for products and analyzing the possible existing variations of items.