Mar 06, 2024
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United Kingdom
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The manual process of formwork calculation posed several challenges for engineers and construction projects. It was time-intensive, often taking days to weeks to complete, especially for complex structures or when modifications were required. Additionally, the accuracy and consistency of calculations depended heavily on the expertise of individual engineers. These inefficiencies led to increased project costs, resource utilization, and turnaround times, ultimately impacting project timelines and budgets.


To address these challenges, we developed POSforAFS, a software solution integrated with Autodesk AutoCAD. The software employs a specialized algorithm to analyze outline drawings of concrete structures and automate formwork calculations. The algorithm prioritizes the minimization of formwork panels, maximizing reuse for subsequent pouring stages. By leveraging automation and algorithmic precision, POSforAFS significantly reduces the time and effort required for formwork calculations.


- Cost Reduction: The software has led to a 70% reduction in the cost associated with calculating formwork panels. By optimizing panel usage and minimizing wastage, projects have realized significant cost savings. - Turnaround Time: POSforAFS has achieved an 85% increase in turnaround time for formwork calculations. What once took several weeks can now be completed in a matter of hours, accelerating project timelines and improving overall efficiency. - Resource Utilization: With the automation provided by POSforAFS, engineers can allocate their time and expertise more effectively. Reduced manual labor in formwork calculations frees up engineering resources for other critical tasks, enhancing productivity and project management.