Oct 29, 2021
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Return System

Return System

4-6 months
United States
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Our customer is an Amazon seller, they do a lot of routine work every day. One day they came up with an idea to make this process automated and contacted us at Instandart. Some of their routine work included exporting reports with a lot of data and trying to get the main information from it. Such as automation of taxes, transport, categorization, commission calculation.


We needed to create solutions of automation for these tasks. We have had a full experience in this area and we know what clients need and what to offer to solve their problems. The main task for this was to make it work as much as possible in an automatic way. With tracking information that they need from the reports, the client can work with it in the most efficient way after getting information that has already been sorted.


Our automated features perform functions that help with sorting information in reports in a convenient way for customers’ needs, where they have detailed information about goods. It is possible to calculate taxes automatically for vendors, as the system provides flexible settings for each of the vendors individually.