May 06, 2024
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4-6 months
United Kingdom
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Travel & Hospitality
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The existing brochure website required a redesign to enhance user experience, deliver marketing messages and user information via a new structure, and introduce new blocks across all pages.In response to these challenges, the InStandart team undertook the task of redesigning the Xpedition2 website, addressing the need for a refreshed interface, and improved functionality.


By harnessing the capabilities of WordPress, the team aimed to implement all customer requirements efficiently and effectively. Key aspects of the solution include: - Redesign and Optimisation: By optimising the layout, navigation, and aesthetics, the redesign aimed to create an engaging and intuitive interface for users. - Text Integration: Essential texts, including descriptions of subscription plans and extensive help and support information, were meticulously integrated across the website. - New Block Implementation: Recognising the importance of showcasing key features and enticing users to explore the platform, new blocks were strategically placed across all pages. These blocks highlight the platform's offerings, encourage user engagement, and facilitate seamless navigation.


The Xpedition2 website redesign produced the following results: - Enhanced User Experience: The redesigned website offers an improved user experience, characterised by intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, and informative content. Users can easily discover and access the platform's features, contributing to higher engagement and satisfaction. - Comprehensive Content Integration: All necessary texts, including descriptions of subscription plans, and other relevant information, have been seamlessly integrated across the website. - Platform Viability and Scalability: The platform's viability and scalability are enhanced, positioning it for sustained success in the competitive outdoor activity industry.